DeFi connect is likened to an ecosystem with huge potentials and opportunities that will bring about a major positive shift in the financial economy. This will also encumber into the social sphere as well as impacting political transparency.

More than just trading on exchanges, our currency (DFC) serves as a passing link into incentives rarely experienced in other ecosystems .we have successfully executed and stretched the domains of crypto currency beyond just financial transactions.

We have also molded the generic block chain technology for specific use cases with a lightweight and easy-to-customize implementation.

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Token Farming

Plant to Harvest 190%

Earn % daily

This DeFi connect planting model is created by grafting two conventional methods of profitable investment (i.e. dividend payment plans and growth funds) to a simple concept where investors will be able to reap the dividends to a whopping 190% as their crypto tokens increase in value over time.

The 190% gives your original investment with a profit of 90%. You cannot not 'unstake' your token, but you can withdraw your daily earnings at anytime and replant them

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Wallet Balance


Farm Size

0.00 DFC

Profit Received

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Available Profit

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Referral Program

Earn 10% of the farm size of all your referrals

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Referral Earning

Referral earnings are paid directly into your wallet


Unlike every other system, being a part of our Defi connect gives you real time access into how the chains binding our demand and supply system really works.
This transparency metric is a first of its kind that will ensure you make informed decisions as to what degree of your asset is being created in a more predictable way.

  • Token Name: Defi connect
  • Symbol: DFC
  • Total Suply: 200,000,000,000,000 DFC
  • Decimal: 8
  • Contract Address: 0x996c1bf72Ec220289ae0edd3a8d77080642121a2
  • BUY $DFC

Why deficonnect

Endless rewards

The viability of our super real life applications has consistently ensured that a whooping first of its kind 190% rate of returns with a daily earning of 1.24% is a seamlessly harvested by all the token holders.

Free transactions

With defi connect, you are in full control of the funds as we have eliminated third-party expenses by charging zero extra monthly subscription fees.


To further reinstate our level of commitment, The addresses and daily profit accumulation records of token holders will be on open display on our platforms at a single click.

Real-world application

We are connecting Defi with every aspect that makes up the real-life departments.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Launchpad 


We have simply applied the immutable and permissible nature of Smart Contracts to circumvent the drawbacks that once characterized the MLM business to function with the highest security and zero risks. We offer care for a unique and new perspective to the MLM business laced with fast-paced and transparent transactions using our ecosystems token. People who also join the MLM scheme will receive benefits in the form of crypto assets and tokens through an automated process.

This innovation will give institutions the ability to create a campaign and allow our users to serve as sales agents using the power of their network.


DEHIM Healthcare

(Coming Soon)

Our healthcare application can be envisaged in five core areas: 

  • Managing electronic medical records
  • Protection of healthcare data
  • Personal health record data management
  • Point-of-care genomics management, and 
  • Electronic health records data management. 

The acquisition of our tokens as a digital asset automatically opens you up to using our health package. Once you come on board as a member, our mobile health app, and remote monitoring ensures the security of your electronic medical records on our network. Your data can be rapidly sent to trusted and certified medical personnel in case of an emergency. It is also available for self-monitoring and home care for personal use.


In an ever evolving space championed by the rapid advances in technology and increased access to markets, the need to be agile, flexible, and adaptable have become a necessity. Our team comprises of a collection of versatile individuals with experience who have earned the title of expert in their field.


Ademu Anthony

Founder / CTO


Raphael Ikediashi



Ojima Emmanuel



DefiConnect is all about building real world applications that bring the many benefits of the DeFi ecosystem to our everyday lives. Some plans here might evolve with time, but it will remain consistent with the long term vision of connecting DeFi to our lives by building real world applications that benefit our regular everyday lives.


The future of DefiConnect is solely hinged on the success and growth of our community. With a large chunk of our projects already in the pipeline, we intend to become the face of the crypto community in Africa and help our members grow their wealth and enjoy seamless services on our platforms.

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